How Does a Stone Crusher Work? Unveiling the Mysterious Process of Crushing Rocks

How Does a Stone Crusher Work? Unveiling the Mysterious Process of Crushing Rocks

A stone crusher is a machine used to convert large stones into smaller sizes that can be used in construction or other purposes. There are several types of stone crushing machines, which are differentiated based on the stone processing stages, namely primary crusher, secondary crusher, and tertiary crusher. Each type of stone crusher has a different function and works in a slightly different way. In this article, we will unveil the mysterious process of how a stone crusher works.

The primary crusher is the first crushing machine in the stone crushing process. It is responsible for reducing the size of large rocks into smaller sizes, which can then be processed further. Jaw crushers are commonly used for this purpose. They consist of a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. The rocks are fed into the space between these two plates, and as the movable jaw moves, it compresses the rocks against the fixed jaw, crushing them into smaller pieces.

Once the rocks have been crushed by the primary crusher, they are then sent to the secondary crusher. The secondary crusher further reduces the size of the crushed rocks. Cone crushers and impact crushers are commonly used as secondary crushers. Cone crushers work by squeezing the rocks between an eccentrically gyrating cone and a concave hopper. As the cone moves, it creates a squeezing force that crushes the rocks. On the other hand, impact crushers use a high-speed rotor and anvils for impact crushing. The rocks are thrown against the anvils, which crush them upon impact.

After the secondary crushing stage, the crushed rocks are then sent to the tertiary crusher. The tertiary crusher is responsible for further reducing the size of the rocks into the desired size for various applications. It can be a cone crusher, a vertical shaft impact crusher, or a gyratory crusher. These crushers work by squeezing or compressing the rocks between a mantle and a concave surface or by throwing the rocks against a hard surface at high speed.

In addition to the actual crushing process, stone crushers also have a conveyor system that transports the crushed rocks from one stage to another. This conveyor system plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of rocks throughout the crushing process.

Overall, the process of crushing rocks with a stone crusher involves several stages and different types of crushers. Each crusher has its own unique working principle and mechanism. Understanding how each crusher works is crucial in order to choose the appropriate crusher for a specific application. Whether it is for building construction, road construction, or other purposes, a stone crusher plays a vital role in the overall process of converting large rocks into smaller, usable sizes.

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